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NextGenHomeZ is a one-stop online store for all your home security and automation needs. We offer you a wide range of products — from home security systems, voice assistants, and security cameras to smart watches, lighting, speakers, and other IoT (Internet of Things) devices. We’re devoted to delivering you the smart home solutions of the highest quality at the best possible prices!

Best Home Security Systems

At NextGenHomeZ, we have vast experience distributing home security systems, security sensors, and cameras nation-wide and world-wide. We focus on mid-range products that combine high-end quality with an affordable price. At our online store, you can shop for best smart garage door openers, smart thermostats, smoke alarms, motion sensors for smart lights, air quality monitors, home automation hubs, water leak sensors, etc. These home security devices will turn you home into a 100% safe place while you’re away or asleep!

Outstanding Smart Solutions for Home

The popularity of IoT devices is growing rapidly. These devices are connected to the Internet and each serves a certain range of purposes. At NextGenHomeZ online store, we offer you the best and most popular affordable smart home solutions USA. In our catalog, you’ll find speakers, watches, TV remotes, toothbrushes, locks, and devices for pets — all “smart” and wired to connect with your phone and each other. We sell the top smart solutions for homes used all over the world! Buy one of them and experience the convenience of smart technology for yourself!

Our Advantages

Fast Delivery

We ship to your doormat in any corner of the world. We know how much you expect your device, so we ship it as soon as possible.

Affordable Prices

We stand for the quality of every product we sell, at the same time delivering you some of the best prices in the U.S. market.

Reliable Customer Support

Any questions concerning your order or the products we sell? Our smart home solutions store delivers you devoted customer care and support by phone and other means.

Home Security & Automation Shop

NextGenHomeZ is a one-stop online home security store for all your security & automation needs. We offer you tons of exciting IoT and security products, including security cameras, sensors, smart locks and lightning devices, smart speakers, etc. Our U.S.-based home automation store offers you cutting-edge products at the best possible prices. See our full Catalog below or use Categories & Filters on the left to narrow down the search. Get a device that makes your life safer and more enjoyable today!

Why Choose Our Home Automation Store

NextGenHomeZ is a well-established provider of affordable home security & automation technology nation-wide and on a global scale. We deliver popular, reliable, and high-quality home products right to your doormat within a short time. Our trained team is devoted to delivering great customer care to every customer of our home automation store online and by phone. At NextGenHomeZ we always offer you cutting-edge home security and automation technology at the best price!

Our Home Security Store Offers You

  • Fast Nationwide Delivery;
  • Reliable International Delivery;
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee;
  • Exchange/Return within 10 Days;
  • High-quality Products;
  • Wireless and Solar Energy Powered Products;
  • Easy to Install Security Cameras and Sensors;
  • Exceptional Customer Care.

Wide Range Of Products

NextGenHomeZ home security store is ready to cover a wide range of your security and home automation needs. Our security products let you prevent a fire, water leak, or burglary. At the same time, with modern home automation products, you can make your home a cozier, more comfortable and convenient space to live in. Make your home smart, and control it from your smartphone! Shop for the following products at our home automation store.

Best Smart Watch to Buy Online

A smart watch doesn’t just tell the time… It’s your fitness tracker & travel buddy that allows you to reply to messages and phone calls, see your social media notifications, and find your phone and keys. If you care both for technology and style, meet our collection of quality smart watches at NextGenHomeZ. The watches we offer is where cutting-edge technology meets quality design to kindle a beautiful (and smart) relationship! Find the best smart watch to buy online in our collection!

Reasons To Buy Smart Watch

By 2020, smart watches in USA have reached the mainstream public and no one argues that they are useful for many reasons. If you doubt, whether to buy smart watch or not, here are the main reasons why you need it:

  • Trouble-free Notifications

The ease of having notifications to your wrist is invaluable. You can identify the notification importance without removing your phone from a bag or pocket.

  • Answering Calls

Various smart watches in USA handle this task differently. Some phones have a built-in speaker and microphone — these watches allow you to answer calls. Others just allow you to accept & decline calls.

  • Traveling & Fitness

Count steps you make, calories you burn, track your sleep, and more. Some watches like Apple Watch also help you follow the chosen itinerary with vibrations and a map, so that you don’t have to look at your phone.

  • Music

A smartwatch makes it simple to switch to the next track or adjust the volume without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Why Choose NextGenHomeZ

At NextGenHomeZ, we offer you some of the most popular smart watches in USA. Our online smart home product store readily delivers smart products worldwide. We thoroughly package our products and ship from Indiana, USA to your doormat within a short time! At our online store, customer satisfaction is the main priority. We offer you devoted customer care, resourceful supports, and return/exchange options. Find your smart watch to buy today!


Best Price Ipods USA

For music on the move, Apple’s Ipod is the ultimate portable accessory. NextGenHomeZ smart home products store is happy to offer you the latest & best price Ipods USA in 6 trendy colors. We also offer you a range of Ipads — the ultimate portable devices that let you access the Internet, watch movies, and play games wherever you are and whatever you do. Browse our collection and buy Ipod USA online with ease and convenience!

Why You Need an Ipad

Apple’s Ipad was first released back in 2010. Since then, this ultimate portable device has taken the world by storm and changed the way we use computers forever. An Ipad makes it simple to sit or lay in any position and still enjoy using your device for hours. Those who own an Ipad testify that it’s a pleasure to watch a movie in bed or relax browsing the Internet on the sofa.


Currently, an Ipad is a powerful device that has permeated the worlds of education, design and businesses. It’s an ultimate helper to keep up with meetings, create compelling presentations, and discover an endless source of entertainment at AppleStore. Buy modern Ipad Air, Mini, or Pro and access technology at its finest — from crystal-clear large display to crisp camera and amazing processing speed!

Why Buy Best Price Ipods

Sleek and stylish, Apple’s Ipod is the ultimate portable accessory to listen to music and watch videos. Best price Ipods USA let you store thousands of your favorite tunes and videos. Buy Ipod USA online and you’ll have all the music you want to listen to at your fingertips. You’ll also enjoy the Ipod’s exceptionally crisp, clear and vivid display. Next, you can load up on amazing apps, massage your friends, stay connected on social media, take photos and video and more. Buy best price Ipods — and you get much more than music!


Gaming Accessories

Is it time to upgrade your gaming performance to the next level? Here at NextGenHomeZ, we offer you a large selection of affordable and quality gaming accessories — from high-quality wireless headsets to professional gaming equipment that gives you that competitive edge! Buy gaming accessories online at NextGenHomeZ store, and you won’t regret choosing our quality products and fast service!

Buy Gaming Accessories Online at NextGenHomeZ

In 2020, a laptop and stable Internet connection suffice to play video games. However, gamers who want to take their play to the next level may want to buy gaming accessories. Quality gaming accessories allow you to enhance both your performance and overall experience when you play video games. For these reasons, gaming accessories are a perfect gift for the gamer in your life.


If you’re looking for quality and affordable gaming paraphernalia, browse our collection of best items and buy gaming accessories online at NextGenHomeZ store! We offer you the best keyboards, mouses, mouse pads, headsets & holders, gaming routers, etc. Our store is U.S.-based. We ship our products from Fortville, Indiana to any destination worldwide.


We offer you the following gaming accessories:

  • USB and wireless keyboards;
  • Wireless gaming mouses;
  • Headsets, headset holders & USB charging stations;
  • WI-FI gaming routers, etc.


Why Buy Gaming Accessories Here

Fast Delivery

At NextGenHomeZ online home security store, we’re devoted to delivering you the best customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. Our customer support team is ready to solve any issues you may encounter!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If this is not the case, you can return/exchange the item you purchased within 10 days. Make sure it’s unused and in original packaging.


NextGenHomeZ is the right place to buy gaming accessories online. Our U.S.-based online store delivers you the best deals on gaming accessories of high quality. Check it out for yourself!


Smart Sensors for Your Home

Do you want to ensure that your home is a safe place to inhabit? With smart sensors, you can monitor the environment you live in and prevent any unwanted damage. At NextGenHomeZ, we offer you a wide choice of door openers, thermostats, alarms, and other smart sensors you need to make your home more convenient and secure. Check out our collection, pick a quality smart sensor home US that best meets your needs — and let your home benefit from the power of modern IoT (Internet of Things) technology!

Why You Need Smart Sensors

Property damage can disrupt your life through such forces as fire & lightning, wind, hurricane, or tornado. Or it may be a water leak or even theft when your smart sensor home US has a chance to prove its effectiveness and prevent major damage. With smart home sensors, you can protect yourself and your family from ever experiencing unwanted issues associated with home damage.  


NextGenHomeZ is a U.S.-based online store that caters to all your home automation and security needs. We’re experienced in and offer you a wide range of smart sensor home systems of the highest quality. We consistently supply our clients worldwide with the best smart sensors by global leaders in access solutions and products, such as Chamberlain, Samsung, Phillips, FirstAlert, Eve, YoLink, Ecobee, etc.

Types of Sensors We Offer

  • Smart Garage Door Openers;
  • Smart Thermostats;
  • Room Indoor Air Quality Monitors;
  • Smart Smoke Alarms for Fire/CO Detection;
  • Window and Door Alarm Sensors;
  • Motion Sensors for Smart Lights;
  • Home Automation Hubs;
  • Water Leak Sensors, etc.

Buy Your Smart Sensor Home US

Don’t put off improving the convenience and safety of your home until tomorrow — order your high-quality smart sensor home system from NextGenHomeZ and get a bestselling home security solution delivered to your doorstep within a short period of time!


Buy Security Cameras for Home

NextGenHomeZ is an established USA-based online store delivering quality home security solutions to any corner of the globe. We want to help you get quality rest knowing that your family and property are protected. That’s why we offer you the best indoor & outdoor security cameras and systems by Reolink. Shop our store to buy the security camera system (indoor & outdoor) that best meets your needs and pick it up at your doormat.

Do I Need a Security Camera System (Indoor & Outdoor)?

Do you want to enhance the feeling of safety and security around your home? With home security cameras, you get a way to monitor your home inside and out. For example, you can see who comes and goes, monitor children playing outside, give visibility to the goings-on inside your home, etc. Security cameras also help deter the burglars and supply information to police and insurance companies in case someone broke into your house. Other reasons why you need to buy security cameras for home:


  • Monitor Your Children;
  • Prevent Home Invasions;
  • Useful Form Of Evidence;
  • Store and Re-watch Selected Material;
  • Reduction of Insurance Cost;
  • Peace of Mind 24/7.

Why Choose Our Security Cameras

At NextGenHomeZ, we’re devoted to delivering the best home security solutions to our clients in the USA and around the globe. When it comes to affordable and quality cameras with simple installation and all the basic features you need, Reolink security cameras we offer are a safe bet. Choose any of our security camera system indoor, and enjoy such features as two-way communication, sirens, night vision and even solar charging options.


No wires mean simple installation within 5 – 15 minutes. No drilling. Detailed installation guide included.

Rechargeable, w/o Solar Panel

Use your security camera non-stop thanks to the solar power supply. No need to plug into power ever.

Quality Video

Our cameras capture smooth, crystal-clean videos and provide you with clear night-vision footage.


You can easily slip your wireless camera from the magnetic mount and take it out with you.


Every security camera system (indoor & outdoor) we sell is proven to be durable against heavy rain, extreme sun and other harsh weather conditions.


Smart Devices for Pets

Connecting your pet to the Internet helps you monitor, feed, and care for your pet when you can’t be physically at home. With two-way talk cameras, GPS tracking devices, and smart toys you can make sure that your dog is always healthy, at home, and well entertained — even when you’re not there. Smart devices for pets give you peace of mind that everything is okay and ensure that your pet is never lost. At NextGenHomeZ home security store, we offer you the best IoT smart pet devices to make both you and your furry friend happier!

Why Do I Need Smart Pet Devices?

Having a pet can be hard — especially if you have to leave them alone. With smart devices for pets, you can take some of the stress out of pet ownership and help your pet live a healthier and happier life when you aren’t there. Developers have been working hard to design devices that bring greater convenience and comfort to your life and to your pooch or cat.

What Devices We Offer

Smart Pet Cameras

These devices allow a two-way chat with your pet when you’re not at home. Thanks to built-in speakers and microphone, you can speak to your pet and hear them clearly. Smart pet cameras can also dispense treats to your pet, play laser tag, automatically detect barking, and capture photos and videos for you when you want to save and share precious moments.

Health & Location Trackers

If you like your pet playing in the yard, but don’t want them to run off, a GPS tracking device is a great way to solve this problem. A pet location tracker lets you set up a safe zone for your pet and stay briskly informed if your pet leaves it. You can also track your pet’s movement, activity and sleep.

Interactive Dog Toys

These smart devices for pets keep your dog entertained while you’re away. Safe, durable and easy-to-clean, interactive dog toys provide a new level of entertainment to your pet so that it doesn’t destroy the things you like.


Best-Sounding Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are one of the most multi-functional devices you can own. Here’s why: they play music and help us control our smart home devices. What’s more, they’re ready to answer any questions and can take care of chores via a voice assistant. No doubt, smart speakers are here to stay. So, why don’t you get your best smart speaker for music today? NextGenHomeZ online store offers you quality and popular home security and IoT solutions, including best-sounding smart speakers 2020. Take a look!

Find Your Best Smart Speaker for Music

In 2020, Apple, Google and Amazon are all making good smart speakers. The options offered by these giants deliver you all the latest functionality you need and a superior voice assistant experience. The competition between these companies only pushes their best-sounding smart speakers to keep getting better.


NextGenHomeZ is your reliable provider of quality home security and IoT solutions. Based in Fortville, Indiana, we proudly serve the US and global audience with the best smart solutions. At our online store, we offer you the best and most popular smart speaker solutions from Apple, Google and Amazon that will never let you down! If you aren’t sure which best smart speaker for music to choose, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced customer support team. We care for every one of our clients and are ready to share our knowledge with you!

What We Offer

Fast Worldwide Delivery

We ship from the United States to any destination worldwide, always ensuring that your order reaches you as soon as possible.

Exchange & Return

We want all of our clients to be happy with their purchase! If something goes wrong and your best smart speaker for music doesn’t work as expected, file a request and return the item within 10 days.

High-Quality Speakers

NextGenHomeZ offers you only the best-sounding smart speakers that cope with a number of tasks with ease. Choose one of these high-quality options and you’ll never regret taking your IoT experience up a notch!