Rocki Companion For Pets (3-in-1 pet companion Pet feeder, pet camera, and pet toy all rolled into one package).


It’s a cute little robot in which you can interact and check on your pets while you’re away. You can toss treats, speak to them through the microphone, and move a laser around.

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  • INTERACTIVE MOVEMENT WITH TREAT REWARDING: Do you hate leaving your pet home alone all day? We do too, which is why we designed a solution to provide your pet with companionship while you are away. This robotic toy plays with your pet by zooming around the room and rewards their interaction by dispensing treats. This eliminates the sadness, loneliness, and stress that they feel when you’re gone, which in turn helps decrease accidents and messes while promoting healthy activity.
  • ENCOURAGES ACTIVITY & FITNESS: Physical activity for your pet is important because it keeps their body strong and stimulates their mind. This robot is especially effective because you are able to track your pet’s fitness statistics! For overweight cats or dogs, exercise is especially important because it decreases their risk of developing weight-related disorders. When your pet is healthy, they are not only happier, but it also means fewer visits to the vet, saving you time and money.
  • DURABLE IN DESIGN: This pet fitness robot is durable and made to last. It is made of poly-carbonate material and is easy to clean. The toy has also passed and IPX4 water spray test, it can hold up to tough chewers and can get a little wet. This electronic toy is able to drive over a variety of indoor surfaces allowing your pet to enjoy the toy in different environments.
  • EASY TO CONTROL: Through the smart phone mobile application, you can remotely control the pet companion robot to interact with the pet and leave a voice message.
  • VERSATILITY AND MOBILITY: OBEXX pet companion robot application can be used on Android and Apple devices.Equipped with four Mecanum wheels, it can travel in multiple directions, cross small steps and adapt to different floors.

3-in-1 pet companion

Pet feeder, pet camera, and pet toy all rolled into one package.

Rocki holds fifteen servings of treats to be dispersed on demand. The treats go through the toss chamber and lands one to two feet in front of Rocki. Feed pets on demand through the Rocki app. Reward for good behavior.

Rocki App

Inter act with pets remotely through the app. Check on them once a while, whether on a business trip, vacation, or simply at work.

Mecanum Wheel

AWD for robots. Rocki can point turn or move in any direction without turning. The mobility is one of a kind for robots.

Automatic Feeder

Give treats through the Rocki app. The fifteen-chamber snack holder a good amount of food or snack for a while.

Long Operating Time

Rocki is designed to operate for several days or a week without recharging. The stand-by mode can run for one month.

Robotic Toy Arm

Mount different types of toy on the arm. Default toy for the switchable arm is a laser.

Superb Mobility

Pets like a playmate that can move. We gave Rocki the ability to move across any terrain at home. The AWD mobility system crosses inclines and carpets with ease. Rocki will follow your pets to any destination they desire.

All Directional Movement

Rocki does point turns. Move to any direction without turning. Entice pets with different combination of movement.

Check Hiding Places

Have a pet that likes to hide in tough to find places? Rocki will find the pet and give chase.

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